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Lecture 1
Fig. 3.12 Bloody camera.jpg

Patrick Baz, AFP

Lecture 2

“On the Tourist & the Sniper: Wartime Hotels and Looking in the 20th Century”


Spatial Humanities Cluster

University College Cork

25 March, 2019 


“Foodways and Gaudí”


University College Cork

26 March, 2019 

burned hotel.jpg

“Precarious Sanctuary: Refugee Hotels Under Siege”


Spaces of Displacement and Refuge

University College Cork

27 March, 2019 

Oliver Killig, EPA

Lecture 3
Hotel Book cover - red_edited.png

The Hotel: Occupied Space

 Memories of the Future 2

School for Advanced Studies

29 March, 2019 

Hotel harvard.jpg

“Hotel Horizons

The Hotel: Occupied Space


Romance Languages & Literatures

Harvard University

5 April, 2019 

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