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Toronto Iberic

Co-editors: Robert Davidson (Toronto) and Frederick A. de Armas (Chicago)

Editorial board: Josiah Blackmore (Harvard); Marina Brownlee (Princeton); Anthony J. Cascardi (Berkeley); Emily Francomano (Georgetown); Justin Crumbaugh (Mt Holyoke); Jordana Mendelson (NYU); Joan Ramon Resina (Stanford); Kathleen Vernon (SUNY Stony Brook)

Millions of people around the world have fled persecution and violence in their home countries. The best solution for refugees is to be able to go home without fear but barring that the UN promotes local integration in their country of first asylum, with a chance to live a new life with full enjoyment of their human rights. When neither option is available, a new beginning through resettlement in countries like Canada offers a durable solution and hope for a new life. Since 1991, the Holy Trinity Refugee Committee has sponsored over 100 refugees fleeing persecution and violence. Support and assistance is always welcome.

Film Production


An award-winning film production company founded by Ava Torres and Helmann Wilhelm specializing in narrative content. Their most recent short, Through Rose-Colored Glasses, won Best Waterloo Region Short Film at the Grand River Film Festival and was nominated for the A&E Short Filmmakers Award at the National Screen Institute of Canada, a Canadian Screen Award qualifier. 

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